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EST. 1983

Park City Nursery
4497 N Highway 224
(Corner Bear Hollow & 224)

Park City Nursery
Tree Ranch
2060 Rasmussen Drive
(Frontage Road)

Landscape Design

Our "Partnership" Guarantee

Park City Nursery and The Park City Tree Ranch guarantee all plant material to be healthy and true to name when it leaves either location. Park City Nursery and The Park City Tree Ranch offer a 90 day, 50% guarantee. Due to the nature of our climate, the success of the plants depends largely on the care they receive from the purchaser: proper watering, location, fertilizing, etc. Our Policy is a 50-50 partnership with the customer. This guarantee applies ONLY to trees, shrubs, and hardy evergreens; it does not apply to the planting. No guarantee is made on annuals, perennials, miscellaneous items stocked in the heat of the summer including tropical plants, hanging baskets, seeds and other plants not hardy for our area. All claims must be accompanied with the receipt and the plant - if the plant is not dead but suffering from shock due to improper handling, you will be advised as to how to nurse it back to health - it is always good to call before you remove a plant. Sometimes shocked plants will lose all their leaves yet come back as vital as ever.


No Cash Refunds


If you call us within the 90 day grace period, we will send a member of our staff to assess your problem and possibly extend our partnership policy with you until June 1 of the following season.


Hold Orders/Special Orders


Both locations offer an extended warranty at the time of purchase for an additional 50% of the cost of each plant. This does not include planting fees. It is good for one full year from date of purchase and worth 100% replacement cost. All claims must be accompanied with Sales Receipt and the plant. Under NO circumstance will Park City Nursery or The Park City Tree Ranch be liable for more than the original purchase price of the plants.


Does Not Apply To Seasonal Sales

Full Payment Upon Purchase

There Is No Guarantee

On Oktoberfest and Fall Sales Plants

A 25% non-refundable down payment is required to tag plant material. No plants will be held for more than 7 days unless arrangements have been made. Any special orders (Plants & items not normally stocked by either location) require a 50$, non-refundable down payment.


Terms and Conditions

* Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover
* Any returned plants must be in good/great condition and returned within 48 hours of purchase with a receipt.
* A 20% restocking fee may be charged.
* No Returns on chemical or seed.
No Cash Refunds