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EST. 1983

Four Locations!

1. Park City Nursery
(4497 N Hwy 224)

2. Smith's Parking Lot
(Kimball Junction)

3. Rite-Aid Parking Lot
(950 Ironhorse Drive)

4. Quarry Village
(Jeremy Ranch Exit)

We Know What Grows


Abies nordmanniana



As the ultimate non-drop real Christmas tree, the Nordman Fir has become one of the most popular Christmas trees throughout the UK. With soft, deep green glossy foliage, a subtle aroma and a very attractive conical shape, this is considered to be the ultimate in prestigious Christmas trees.

The Nordman Fir is the best Christmas tree for keeping its needles. This will save you no end of vacuuming when the festive season is all over. The needles are long and soft unlike some other firs which make it a perfect choice for indoors.  Our Norman Firs are so fresh that they bring a beautiful forest aroma into your living room giving it an enchanting, natural, festive feel.

To get the best from these trees it is a good idea to use a stand containing water, this will extend the trees life throughout the festive season.