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Park City Nursery
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Park City Nursery
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Landscape Design

Here's how you can get a Custom Design Landscape

Our professional landscape designers will meet with you at your home and comprehensively evaluate your property's landscaping needs and possibilities. We will help you design a garden that is just right for you, using trees and plants that match our mountain desert climate. You will be given a non-scale sketch of the proposed design done by the designer. This custom landscape design and the following tips will help create and maintain a healthy landscape with you in mind.


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Improve the Soil

Proper soil preparation is essential to successful growing. Park City and the surrounding areas have a rocky, alkaline soil that is low in phosphorous and organic matter. When planting new beds or adding to the existing landscape you can greatly improve the clay soil by incorporating ample amounts of compost and/or soil pep.


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Add Bark Around Your Plants

Covering the soil with bark keeps the soil shaded, plus it minimizes the drying effects of wind. Mulch also minimizes water use by capturing water and preventing run off. A 3" thick layer of mulch will also help with weed control.



Irrigate Efficiently

Try and use a Drip Irrigation System

The proper soil preparation and mulching after planting will be important to the overall watering success. Depending on the water and sun requirement of the plants the landscape can be divided into zones that can be watered correctly. A drip irrigation system is well-suited for trees, shrubs and perennials. The system can deliver water slowly and directly to the root zone, minimizing water evaporation or runoff. Park City Nursery's Sprinkler Barn can provide you with more information about a sprinkler design or retrofitting your system.


Park City Nursery is a full service nursery.

Call us today to set-up a personal consultation that will give you pleasure for the years to come and add significant value to your property.

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Please ask for Dana White

Landscape Designer