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book_cover.gif High Altitude Planting Book


We are pleased to announce the release of our award winning book on High Altitude Gardening. The second printing of our Alpine Gardening book is now available for $21.95 plus tax and shipping.

High Altitude Planting A Practical Guide To Landscaping, Gardening and Planting Above 6,000 Feet. Welcome to the world of HIGH ALTITUDE and HARSH Climate gardening.

After years of searching for a realistic reference guide to planting in an unforgiving, short season environment and being asked countless times, "Is there a book on gardening here?", We decided to write one ourselves.

Included are suggestions on How To... do basic planting and design; lists of What to... plant: Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and seed as well as fertilizing, pest detection and control tips; Time references for When to... perform various gardening tasks at elevation.

This book is intended as a BASIC GUIDE to HIGH ALTITUDE PLANTING. There is always more than one way to do the same thing, but it's nice to have a practical starting point.

"Experiment." "Listen." "Learn."

These are the fundamentals our customers, staff and experience have taught us.