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By Ann

Hard to believe another spring has ‘blown’ by… lots of wind, all the beautiful weather – sunny days and cloudy nights that kept the frost at bay ‘til the middle of June – then we had a few days of covering and worrying!

A Little Summer Thought:
Your Garden is like a movie and you are the casting director. It is your job to know what your movie is about – soil conditions, sun, water, what you are planning to do in the yard, etc. and make the right casting choices to best represent the movie and your theme – Hardscape, flowers, trees, shrubs – color, textures.

New this year at the Nursery:
ECO-SCRAPS – No Poop® Compost. Made from a variety of  composted fruit & vegetable restaurant scraps. Organic, No Chemicals, No Poop®

Eco –Scraps – All purpose hose end fertilizer
Eco-Scraps – Lawn Saver – urine spot treatment for pets

X-UP Greenhouse - $125.  Easy to put up and take down; great season extender for Spring & Fall!

PLANT SKYDD Repellent – for Deer, Moose, Rabbits & Elk! Dried Pig Blood does the job! Doesn’t wash off in the rain; fertilizes the plants as it breaks down; $ back guarantee

CLEAR CHOICE – Selective broadleaf Herbicide - OMRI Certified Organic ; mineral oil

PURE SPRAY – Insecticide/Fungicide – OMRI Certified Organic

“BEAT’S PEAT”  - Eco-friendly way to improve your soil – Coconut Coir – One block makes 2 cu. ft. – Improves aeration & drainage while adding organic matter to your soil.

‘M’Brace – Make a raised flower bed in minutes – just add wood and soil! $95 a set on sale for 20% off.

Certified Arborist – John Barrett on site

Interesting Fountains and yard art! Come in and see our large selection of fountains actually running in a realistic setting!