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By Ann

High Altitude Plants that Give you more!!

In our experience at high elevation gardening and planting, there are so many ‘lack-luster’ performers and plants that get smaller each year instead of larger via die back and stress, that when a plant really excels, it stands out…some places good, other places, not so much!

Among these well adapted plants are a variety of Trees, Shrubs and Flowers that either sucker or spread vigorously giving you much more than you bargained for  or just really grow large (which is good!)

Narrowleaf Cottonless Cottonwood – populus angustifolia- Plant One, Get a Forest!
Great for Naturalized irrigated or stream bank areas as they prefer moist conditions. Plant away from lawns and irrigate separately with drippers.

Aspen – populus tremuloides – Even quality seed grown Aspen singles and clumps will eventually sucker. Keep away from Lawn and Flower areas unless you are comfortable with uninvited guests! Again, best when planted away from lawns and confined to their own drippers to regulate where the water is available!

Canada Red Cherry – prunus virginiana ‘Schuberti’ – Drought tolerant, wind tolerant, usually only sucker near the base so they are easier to control than the populus varieties. They can eventually grow with very little extra water – although much slower.

Swedish Aspen – populus tremuloides ‘erecta’ – A narrow, upright, columnar aspen with awesome fall color. A great, all around tree – disease resistant, attractive, hardy – prefers moist soil conditions but not particular about soil composition. A real performer in sun and shade.

Canada Red Cherry, Common Chokecherry, Siberian Pea Shrubs, Serviceberry, Snowberry, Buffaloberry assorted Currants – To name a few of the Bread and Butter Varieties for our areas. This group of shrubs are relatively fast growing for our climate, Drought tolerant, Wind tolerant – can acclimate to our soils – where a little irrigation goes a long way, achieving max heights above 10’ tall providing incredible summer privacy screens and wind breaks. 

The Reseeding Giants!
Mother of Thyme, Chives, Centaurea Montana Blue (Perennial Bachelor Button), Blue Flax, Maiden Pinks Dianthus, Dame’s Rocket, Oxeye Daisy (illegal now!), Yarrow, Columbine, Golden Rod, Tansy

THE Big Growers!
Yarrow, Lupin, Columbine, Maltes Cross, Daffodils, Euphorbia Polychroma, Catmint, Assorted Hardy Penstemon, Johnson’s Blue Geranium, Sticky Geranium, Ass’t Cranesbill Geranium, Peach-leaf Bellflower (prefers well drained soils), Salvia, Shasta Daisy.

Several of the above varieties can be pinched back after their first bloom and will produce a second and even third crop of flowers! Columbine, Daisy, Catmint and RockCress –Aubrieta and Arabis all keep on giving!

The BIG Bloomers:
Yarrow, Wine Cups (Callirhoe), Echinacea, Erigeron (FleaBane), Geum, Lavender, Monarda (Bee Balm), Nepeta (cat mint), Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Salvia, Coreopsis & Gaillardia – sometimes don’t come back, but bloom their little hearts out.

So, If you are needing some tried and true or aggressive plants to finish off (or start your yard), This is a good list to save! Let us help you get something going & going & going……